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The Art Of Channelled Spiritual Connection & Healing
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My Story

While being a writer of poetry and songs in her earlier years, I began her formal writing career as a co-author of journal publications in the field of Geographical Information Systems after completing a science degree. 

I have been a reiki practitioner since the mid 1990's and also works with spiritual or Pranic energy applications. I am a psychic medium and channelling etheric beings for guidance.

Life experiences brought me to a point where I felt that I had something to share with the world, and that was what led me to write my first book.

Book Excerpts & Reviews

When you know and understand that your thoughts will affect the outcome, you can anticipate the results of such thoughts. This will allow you to transcend your experiences to new levels, creating new potentials and possibilities. At some level, we can all be influenced by our own conscious thoughts, whether it be about our own body, circumstance, or our thoughts about others.

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